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Tuesday, February 1st
1:00 PM

The Skinny on Garden Pests and Diseases
Speaker: Ann Hazelrigg
Montshire Museum of Science, Norwich, VT

Ann Hazelrigg, PhD. is the Director for the Plant Diagnostic Clinic at the University of Vermont. Other responsibilities include the Vermont IPM Program (Integrated Pest Management), the Vermont Pesticide Education  and Safety Program and the UVM Extension Master Gardener Program. Ann also has research programs addressing disease issues important in Vermont and New England crops.

Learn about the current and emerging perts and plant diseases in the garden and landscape that can impact the home gardener. Ann will also discuss the best approach to management using integrated pest management (IPM), a system of strategies involving the use of cultural physical and mechanical controls with chemical pesticides only being used as a  last resort.

Short Business Meeting and Program...1:00PM Refreshments ........................................2:15PM 
This is a sort of hybrid meeting. You may attend in person, masked, or by Zoom.

Registration is required. You may click on the following link to register:


Tuesday, March 1st
1:00 PM

Bedrock Gardens -- An Oasis of Art, Horticulture and Inspiration

Speaker: John Forti, nationally recognized lecturer, garden historian, ethnobotanist and garden writer. He is the Executive Director of Bedrock Gardens.

April Meeting - Tuesday, April 5th