News on our New Greenhouse! 



Now, while not quite complete, this is an active growing greenhouse with beautiful flowers and vegetables.


The greenhouse's interior was worked on throughout the winter installing water and electric, sinks, hose connections, heat, and more.


The greenhouse construction is moving along. Soon it will be closed in and interior details will begin.


The glass installation is nearly complete in the new greenhouse. Some panels will open for venting.


The greenhouse framing is complete. Today the first panes of glass were installed.


The framing of the greenhouse is just about complete.



The framing of the greenhouse has begun to go up. Very exciting after so long a wait.


Today, September 5th, greenhouse progress. The sill plates and flashing are being installed in readiness for the framing of the greenhouse.


It is happening! The foundation is in and as of this first week of August, the Greenhouse has arrived! It's in boxes and boxes and boxes, but it is Here!!



The footings are poured.

Dividing? We welcome your extras! 

If you have plants that need dividing

please consider donating them to our 2020 

Plant Sale now!

We begin placing plants in the holding beds for the sale on Friday September 13th and continue through October 11th. 

All plant sale proceeds go to the Julius Mason town garden fund. The fund covers the cost of the plants used in the many Town gardens each summer.